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Why HealthNow Brokerage Concepts?


Superior Client Experience

HealthNow Brokerage Concepts is committed to providing responsive and personalized support - every day. This core philosophy makes us recognized in the industry as a brokerage firm with comprehensive customer service. 

Our tenured and experienced staff is here to answer all your questions from the broker hotline. Whether it's by phone or email, we will respond within one business day. Most importantly, we work with a deep understanding of the industry, to meet your specific needs. 


Dedicated Account Specialist

Working with HealthNow Brokerage Concepts means receiving high-touch, individualized service. Your detailed account specialist is fully knowledgeable about your clients and committed to your account. For your convenience, on-site support is available during open enrollment for groups with 30 or more employees.


Full Carrier Spreadsheet

We understand that carrier quotes can vary widely in layout and organization, making it difficult to compare Company A to Company B. To help you easily compare different carrier quotes, we provide a full carrier spreadsheet for groups with 10 employees. This highlights the most important information, so you can easily review and present carrier quotes side-by-side.

Let’s get started.

Simply fill out your contact information below and one of our team members will contact you directly.